Reviews for the short film


By Lori Fischer

Directed by: Ashley Wren Collins

Produced by: Ashley Wren Collins, Lori Fischer, and Phil Vassar

Director of Photography: PJ Schenkel

Editor: Melissa Forte

Starring: Lori Fischer and Phil Vassar

"For a piece less than a half-hour in length, the movie packs a powerful, emotional punch."

– Sounds Like Nashville, “Phil Vassar Tackles Serious Role in Thought Provoking Film”


"A raw look at unbelievable circumstance and insurmountable grief…It is hard to imagine the pain a parent goes through after losing their child…Yet, Ashley Wren Collins captures this experience in her 17-minute short film, i only miss you when i’m breathing…The performances of Fischer and Vassar are earnest, raw, and unfiltered, providing viewers with a heartbreaking and accurate portrayal of what it feels like to experience the unthinkable."

Take 2 Indie Review

Reviews for NYC Off-Broadway production of


Written by, Produced by and Starring: Jennifer Pawlitschek

Directed by: Ashley Wren Collins

Assistant Directed by: Miriam Eusebio 

 “The Chaos of Now is unique, personal and a rewarding experience.”  – Broadway World

Reviews for NYC Off-Broadway Production of


by Vladmir Mayakovsky

Directed by: Ashley Wren Collins

Produced by: Medicine Show Theatre

Stage Manager: Brianna Mann-Hernandez

Starring: Alena Acker, Ashley Asiarae Mahone, Brady Cudmore, Daniel Robert Burns, Erica Lance, Michael Bradly, Natalia Maria Cuevas, Perri Yaniv & Sofie Koloc



“The actors who pull this off, and Ashley Wren Collins who directed them, cannot be praised enough…”


“However, what makes this particular production enjoyable is its direction, which is brilliantly done by Ashley Wren Collins.”


“Being able to see this early Soviet-era Futurist play is astounding enough, that it holds the stage with such clarity and theatrical punch the more so.”


“The result is an over the top farce that is unlikely to keep audiences bored…”


“The musical choreography and improvisational elements that were added to the show are a big highlight of this production, which clearly leans heavily on not just the text, but on its physical comedy, and the caliber of the individual actors.” 


“It is equal parts dizzy making entertainment and social critique, variety show and polemic, attacking the senses while stimulating thought.”


“And simply the show’s general craziness, the doffing and donning of so many personae by so few, the dancing, the live music (composed, mostly, by the players), the endless vodka toasts, is felt as something physical.”


“To single out any (actor) seems a little off, they are so good collectively.”


"The rambunctious intelligence of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s THE BEDBUG is matched by that of the nine actors at the Medicine Show Theatre who play what were originally some 90 parts spread over a 50-year leap in time."


“The show is wonderfully cast, and consists of a musically and comedically gifted ensemble of performers.” 


“All of the actors …excel at keeping the audience engaged right from the start, and at portraying the intense movement and choreography of the show.”

Reviews for NYC Off-Broadway World Premiere of


Book, Music & Lyrics by: Robert L. Hecker

Directed & Choreographed by: Ashley Wren Collins

Managing Producer: Sherri Kotimsky

Orchestrations by: Assaf Gleizner & Music Direction by: Kevin Necciai

Stage Manager: Cameron Blankenship & Costume Design: Caprice Esser

Starring: Amar Biamonte, Nancy Reinstein, Victor Albaum, Sean Bennett Geoghan, Hallie Wage, Stefanie Londino, Jeremiah Stanfield, Travis James & Jordan Sangalang




“The show offers a fascinating glimpse into the firsthand experience of World War II…” 


“This is a heartfelt, hardworking show that combines poignancy with charm…”


“The eager young ensemble displays an enthusiasm that rivals the chorus of the big-budget revival of “On the Town” down the block…” 


“Director and choreographer Ashley Wren Collins elicits committed performances from the cast and displays a flair for 1940’s jive with rousing ensemble numbers…”


“Jaunty group routines…display(ing) the ensemble’s athletic dancing skills with complicated lifts and leaps.” 


“Amar Biamonte stands out as the tormented Lt. Hal Bailey, questioning the ethics of war.”


“Stefanie Londino steals her scenes as sassy nurse Crystal Buehler, whose comic veneer hides a heart of gold.”